Below you can find an index of all podcasts created for Hearing Voices. Listen to find out more about the content covered in the exhibition and its linked programme.


Hearing Voices

Find out more about the themes of the exhibition in this introductory audio feature and listen to what people who’ve seen it think.
Podcasts produced by Andrea Rangecroft for Hearing the Voice.

Listen Up!

Find out more about the Listen Up! project by listening to these interviews with Mary Robson, Rachel Waddingham and some of the workshop participants. Produced by Andrea Rangecroft.

Visionary Voices

Listen to the podcasts below to find out more about the links between voice-hearing and spirituality.


Voices are essential to literary works – both in writing and in reading. Explore the role played by voices in literature by listening to the podcasts below, and learn more about our project on Writers’ Inner Voices.

Everyday Voices

The extracts below explore the different situations and circumstances in which everyday people hear voices.
Listen to the podcasts to find out more.

Communities and Collectives

This section of our exhibition was co-curated with Paul Baker, social media co-ordinator for Intervoice. The podcast below contains interviews with Paul, Marius Romme, Sandra Escher and Eleanor Gilbert. Produced by Andrea Rangecroft.

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