Listen Up!

Lots of young people hear voices or see visions, but many don’t feel able to talk about it. They might worry about being made fun of, bullied, or not even know what to say.

No one understands if you try to explain … so you just put up with it”

                                                                                                                                                                  Workshop participant

During the summer of 2016, nine young people who hear voices took part in a series of arts workshops in Bradford, Leeds and Durham. With the support of Rai Waddingham (a voice-hearer and facilitator) and Mary Robson (Creative Facilitator, Hearing the Voice), they came together to share experiences, challenge stigma and create artwork for this exhibition that sends a positive message to other young voice-hearers and their families.

Up to 1 in 5 young people will hear voices or have similar experiences at some point in their youth. Let’s create a society that is understanding, supportive and recognises people’s diversity.

The artists are Amina Mohammed, Enie Rebecca Hobson, Imogen Godwin, Jai/Jess Mico, Jamie Sykes, Jenna Hullah, Niamh Pitwood, S. H.,  and V. French.

You can view some of the artworks and listen to a podcast in which the participants reflect on their contribution to the workshops and what they gained from the experience below.

Useful information, advice and support for young people who hear voices or have other unusual experiences, their families and carers can be found on the Voice Collective website


Find out more by listening to the podcast below, featuring interviews with Mary Robson, Rachel Waddingham and some of the Listen Up! workshop participants. Produced by Andrea Rangecroft for Hearing Voices: suffering, inspiration and the everyday.


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